Human Creativity Before AI?

Sometimes the impulse is to jump right in with the use of AI when beginning a creative project. An alternative would be to rely initially on the old fashioned methods first: the use of the human mind. When you begin with your own inner thought process before involving a machine, it opens up the possibility […]

New York, NY, AI Do Good with Strategy Magic

Let’s face it, AI is making some sectors obsolete. That is the way of evolution, yes, but it also makes it necessary that those behind the development or market integration of AI stay on a path of AI do good.

AI New Yorker Explains for None Tech Business Owners How they Can Get the Data they Need to Succeed at Low or No Cost

Market Analysis: Use Google Analytics for market research. For small business owners, understanding their audience is vital to stand out from the competition. Google Analytics, a free tool, provides deep insights into website traffic, audience demographics, and user behavior. By analyzing this data, business owners can identify trends, discover unmet needs, and tailor their offerings […]